Duct detector

Anelec – Duct detector

Product for detecting smoke inside a ventilation duct.
The duct detector is composed of a housing with a transparent cover containing an optical detector, an air passage indicator, a suction tube and a discharge tube.

A polyvalent and efficient detector!

The ANELEC duct detector is sensitive to fumes and combustion gases and is installed downstream of air handling units or at the origin of distribution ducts. When it is triggered, it must automatically command – via the control equipment – the stopping of the fan, the closing of a metal louvered damper located downstream of the filters and, if necessary, the cut-off of the power supply to the heating batteries.


The advantages

. Optical detector included in accordance with norm NFS 61961

. Duct detector test without disassembly.

. Air flow indicator for easy operation checks.

. Installation on all rectangular or circular ventilation ducts

(with optional mounting kit)

. Possible connections to a fire detection control panel or to Anelec S6 and NS6 .

. Easy mounting

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