C.SCAN O optical smoke detector

Anelec Conventional optical smoke detector

The Anelec optical smoke detector detects carbon particles
emitted by the combustion of materials used in the building
(wood, PVC, upholstery, etc.).

Working operation

The optical smoke detector is composed of an analysis chamber equipped with a photocell and a light source. When a fire starts, the light source is reflected in the carbon particles and excites the photoelectric cell. This light signal is transformed into an electronic signal which, after passing a preset level combined with a time factor, triggers a fire alarm. The analysis chamber is designed to avoid any disturbance caused by ambient light.

Détecteur de fumée optique C.SCANO

The advantages

. High performance detection chamber.

. Particularly low standby consumption.

. Thickness reduced to 46 mm; base included.

. Trigger LEDs visible over 360 °.

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