Anelec D16

The best solution for smoke extraction control in your buildings

The ANELEC D16 unit is a fire detection system, developed to control smoke extraction from the common horizontal circulations of residential buildings, in accordance with the decree of January 31st 1986.

2 types of smoke extraction triggering

Either automatically with detectors, or with manual starters.
In the case of automatic detection, only one level must be controlled at a time (interlocking function) to avoid exceeding smoke capacities of the ducts and to maintain good smoke extraction capacity.


The advantages

. Compact and robust steel box, suitable for technical ducts.

. Automatic configuration.

. Double functionality of floor modules – floor or TURRET mode.

. Diagnosis of faults in floor modules by displays.

. Management of 16 floors or 2 duct networks of 8 levels.

. Interlocking (In accordance with article 36 of the regulations of January 31st , 1986).

. Management of 2 specific interlocking cantons.

. Simplified wiring (reduced installation costs).

. CAN Bus.

. Floor module with self-management

. Signalling of “faults positions” of the shutters.

. Autonomous operation of the floor modules in the event of loss of connection with the control panel.

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