Anelec A-99 SPK

Addressable control and signalling equipment

Modular addressable fire panel suitable for small and medium installations.
Certification NF EN 54-2 and NF EN 54-4 (December 1997).


Extension box for
information report (48 relays max.)
• Safety power supply
• Rack kit for 19 ” bay integration
• Additional autonomy box
• Repeater board, summary report, Printer, Addressable module, manual trip unit, optical detector, etc.

Anelec A-99 SPK

The advantages

. Reliable operation by self-monitoring microcontroller.

. No loss of detection points in case of blackout (CAN Bus equipped with isolators).

. Signalling by LCD display clearly indicating the nature of the events.

. Programming without tools, directly by using the front panel keys.

. Autoconfiguration on start up.

. Navigation and configuration by menus.

. Saved and time-stamped history and archiving of events.

. Configuration by computer (RS232 port) with Windows hyperterminal.

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